ICE.CUT is an inter-faculty unit of the Cracow University of Technology.

We offer preparatory courses for international students as well as lifelong learning programs, interdisciplinary research, and consultancy.

We are one of a few in Poland renowned preparatory units for international students to which the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) directs their scholarship holders. Each year, over 150 foreign students take up preparatory courses at our Centre. Most of them are awardees of the state-sponsored scholarships. After completing the preparatory courses, ICE CUT graduates can apply for a degree program in their subject area. Some of them stay at Cracow University of Technology, others continue their studies at other leading universities in Poland.

Preparatory courses for International Students

Preparatory courses for International Students

We specialize in preparatory courses.

We offer language courses and various preparation profiles: Science and Technology, Architecture and Urbanism, Business and Economy, Arts and Humanities, at all levels of study:

Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral.

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Lifelong learning programs

Lifelong learning programs

We provide postgraduate programs in two fields:

  • Sustainable Urban Management
  • CSR Management

Short courses, training, and study workshops in urban management and social participation.

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Interdisciplinary research and consultancy

Interdisciplinary research and consultancy

  • Projects and expertise for local governments and metropolitan organisations
  • Design and planning workshops (Placemaking, Charrette)
  • Public consultation plans
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