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Wyprawa do Wieliczki

Politechnika Krakowska has arranged a Day-Tour to the famous Weliczka Salt Mine in Krakow. This tour will be on the 2nd/Feb/2010.  If you want to have a tour with us, just participate and lets ...czytaj więcej


Hello everybody! As You can see outside the window- winter came already (!) so it doesn’t make sense to stay in the city for a weekend! Because of this reason we would like to invite You all ...czytaj więcej


Hello Students, Students Government of Jagiellonian University & ESN UJ & AkoN & TLL would like to invite YOU for an unforgettable and totally unique Party that is (((AFRICAN PARTY))) ...czytaj więcej

Kurs tańca

  Politechnika Krakowska MCK PK (International Center of Education) has orgenized a Dance Class for those who want to learn Dance ... All of are invited to join it and lets have fun! T ...czytaj więcej

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