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Polish for International Students

ICE offers a variety of full-time and part-time courses from elementary to proficiency level for those who wish to improve their Polish for general, professional or academic reasons.

Our range of language courses include:

  • Full-time Polish Courses at levels from elementary to advanced. Students who would like to join our full-time courses are encouraged to join at the beginning of the academic year in October.
  • Part-time Polish Courses. We have two main intakes, October and February. For full details please ask at the International Office.
  • Summer Schools of Polish Language & Culture, in July, August and September

Our Polish courses are intensive and you will be required to attend classes regularly and punctually. We put a great deal of importance on active student participation, both at the Centre and outside, and we will expect you to do homework and encourage you to take part in the social life of the Centre.

General Polish - Course Details

The courses provide a rich and varied programme which centres on:

Listening and speaking

Reading and writing

Vocabulary development



Polish culture

Learner training and supported self-study




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