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Międzynarodowe Centrum Kształcenia Politechniki Krakowskiej
I want to study at a university in another country. How do I start?

We only process applications for universities and colleges within Poland. Each country has its own way of applying. If you know which country you want, its embassy is often a good source of information.

Do you provide Polish language courses?

Our range of language courses include:
Full-time Polish Courses at levels from elementary to advanced. Students who would like to join our full-time courses are encouraged to join at the beginning of the academic year in October.
Part-time Polish Courses We have two main intakes, October and February. For full details please ask at the International Office.
Summer School of Polish Language & Culture in July, August and September
We also provide English courses.
What would be the average cost of living in Krakow?
We estimate that a single student living in university accommodation will need 300–500 Euro per month for living expenses, in addition to the tuition fee.
This amount includes accommodation, insurance, visa, food, books, local travel and so on.
How to apply for a course?

In order to apply, fill in the Application Form online or print and complete the Form at www.mck.pk.edu.pl/panel/dokumenty/ICE Application for Admission.pdf and send it to International Office, at the address below. 
Make sure that you send a complete application:

Fill in the Form, including personal statement, signature and date.
Provide transcripts of school results so far, including subjects studied and grades achieved.

What kind of Polish courses do you offer?
We offer a variety of courses ranging from 2 weeks to 9 months, which cater for most language levels and abilities. Our students come from all over the world, and they have chosen to learn Polish for a variety of reasons. 

Whether you are making plans to continue your academic studies at our University or elsewhere in Poland, or wish to improve your career prospects, or are learning for pleasure, we aim to help you succeed.
I have a disability. Where can I get advice before I apply?

We try to offer equal opportunities and will support students with any disabilities. We are happy to answer any queries you have, so please contact us to find out more.
Admission process 2011 - what is the procedure?

For 2011/12 , all students must apply to enroll by 31 August online
For details please go to: http://www.mck.pk.edu.pl/en/admission/8/admission-process-2011/62



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