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Working in an enterprise



 Lectures with IBM BTO: timetable 2011/12

The scope of the classes is to bring closer the reality of work in a huge multinational outsourcing corporation and the connections between supporting and delivery departments. Apart from a theoretical knowledge IBM staff will share practical experience and their own reflections regarding work in a corporation. 



1. Adaptation of new employees. How we support personal development of an employee

Description of an intensive introductory program for new employees. Specification of possible carrier paths.

2. Transition – how to manage an international team

How to transfer know-how from client to outsourcing company. How to manage work in an international team.

3. Goal related management and assessment of an employee

A modern model of human resources management. Presentation of the ways in which one should perform a periodical assessment of an employee.

4. Communication in an environment culturally differentiated

A presentation of cultural and mental differences which you can find working in a multinational corporation. How to avoid faux pas, conflicts and misunderstandings. How to make a good impression at your workplace.

5. Quality management

The scope of this class is to present quality regulations which a company guarantees to its client. We specify the ways to institute quality regulations and to control their efficacy.

6. Ethics in business

We focus on ethic rules that are in force at IBM (Business Conduct Guidelines). At the most basic level we will describe the conduct we establish for all IBMers to comply with laws and ethical practices wherever we do business.

7. Basis of outsourcing

Presentation of the characteristics of outsourcing services and the work at IBM BTO. Presentation of different accounting departments and the relations between them.

8. Social responsibility in business

Presentation of IBM ventures promoting volunteer work, activities supporting people in need and third world countries. 


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Internship Programme in IBM BTO:  Integracja Biznes Marzenia


Main assumptions:

-  Program starts from beginning of June to the end of September

-  Maximum length of internship agreement with student  - three months

-  Students will not be paid during internship agreement

-  Managers may decide to propose student(s) contract of mandate during or after internship agreement. This option should be used only for best students, potential IBM employees.


Candidate profile:

-  Students of 3rd, 4th and 5th year, preferably of subjects such as economics, finances and accounting,

-  Knowledge of one of the following languages is required: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hebrew or Romanian,

-  Knowledge of MS Office system (MS Excel) and accounting systems is welcome,

-  Interest in finance and accounting field,

-  Good work organisation,

-  Openness to new experiences,

-  Ability of team working,

-  Availability min. 20h per week.


Internship stages:

-  Send CV to the e-mail address: praktyki@pl.ibm.com

-  Telephone or e-mail contact from IBM side. We reserve the right to contact the selected candidates only.

-  Two-stage recruitment: - Language tests, questionnaire, Meeting with a team leader,

-  Organisational meeting (signing a contract, initial medical examinations, initial Health & Safety training),

-  Presentation of Internship schedule,

-  Internship based on  schedule

-  Opinions from Internship tutors after Internship completion.


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