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Summer School of Polish Language and Culture

  Summer School of Polish Language and Culture Three-week intensive programme for adult learners from elementary to proficiency level residential in the Campus of the Cracow University of Technology While immersed in an Polish speaking environment and the rich tradition of Krakow culture, students will improve their Polish through diverse learning experiences in and out of the classroom. ... read more

Working in an enterprise

     Lectures with IBM BTO: timetable 2011/12   The scope of the classes is to bring closer the reality of work in a huge multinational outsourcing corporation and the connections between supporting and delivery departments. Apart from a theoretical knowledge IBM staff will share practical experience and their own reflections regarding work in a corporati ... read more

Preparatory Programme Details

Our Preparatory Programme (also called International Foundation Programme) is a challenging, intensive course for those who wish to progress to Higher Education in Poland, but do not yet possess Polish entry requirements necessary for University study. PP will  help you improve your Polish and develop the skills necessary for life and studying at University. ICE offers Preparatory Courses to ... read more

Polish for International Students

ICE offers a variety of full-time and part-time courses from elementary to proficiency level for those who wish to improve their Polish for general, professional or academic reasons: -  Full-time Polish Courses at levels from elementary to advanced. Students who would like to join our full-time courses are encouraged to join at the beginning of the academic year in October. -  Part-tim ... read more

Course Fees

The tuition fees for the 2012 programmes & courses are:   COURSE TYPE TUITION FEE Preparatory Programme for undergraduate studies 3000 € / 1 year (2 semesters = 30 weeks) ... read more



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