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Applying for a Visa

If you are an overseas student, you may need to get a visa before you travel to Poland. Please check visa requirements with your local Polish Embassy or Consulate. Please do this early as immigration procedures can take weeks and in some cases months.

Before you start your course, the staff in the International Office will be available to help and guide you. We will send you information about immigration procedures for entering and remaining in Poland for the duration of your study before you arrive. If you have any difficulties or queries about your visa the staff in the International Office will be happy to help.

If you are applying from overseas, please send your application as soon as possible. We need to check your documents and qualifications before we can offer you a place on the course. Then, when you have made your first payment, we can issue you a letter in order for you to get a visa. This all takes time; so the earlier you apply the more likely you are to take up your place in October.




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