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Admission process 2011

For 2011/12 Preparatory Programme, all students must apply to enroll by 31 August via Online Application.

·         If you miss the deadline for application to enroll, contact the International Office and you may be placed on a list of reserves, however if you would not have been admitted on merit, you will not be placed on a list of reserves. Students placed on the list of reserves will only be offered a place if it is declined by another student.

·         It is much less stressful if you apply to enroll well before the deadline!

ICE notifies students whether they have been accepted, limited out, put on the list of reserves or accepted subject to changes in their chosen courses. These letters come from the International Office and are not the same as the notifications sent automatically to students by the Student Management System during the enrolment process.

Please make sure your contact address is correct - this is where your e-mail will be sent.

Please remember: Students must apply to enroll via Online Application by the closing date. For 2011/12 courses the closing date is 31 August 2011.


Arranging Accommodation

If you require accommodation, please fill in the relevant section in the application form. We recommend that you reserve accommodation early, as this service is very popular. If you apply late, we may not be able to meet your requirements.




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