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Homepage About Us ICE is a pathway to university for hundreds of students each year

ICE is a pathway to university for hundreds of students each year


We are part of the Polish state education system, and we provide:

·         Fully-accredited qualifications which are nationally recognised and internationally respected.

·         A good range of learning and recreational facilities.

·         Full support and advice services for students.


Basic Admission Requirements

·           Students must be aged 18 or above at enrolment.

·           Students need to have a good Secondary Education Certificate from their country.

·           Students must demonstrate potential and a will to succeed on the course.


How to Apply

In order to apply, fill in the Application Form online or print and complete the Application for Admission and send it to International Office, at the address below. 

Make sure that you send a complete application:

Fill in the Form, including personal statement, signature and date.

Provide transcripts of school results so far, including subjects studied and grades achieved.

If you wish is to study in English, please provide evidence of English language test results or state when you will sit the exam/receive the result.

If you need help of advice in completing the application form, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office using the details below and we will be happy to help you.

If you want to make an application while you are waiting for a piece of information (eg. a translation of your exam results) you can do so, but please remember that we will not be able to make a decision on your application until it is complete.


Entry criteria

You should have successfully completed your secondary education. Qualifications from all countries are considered. Please note that all students coming to Poland should have a secondary school diploma or other diplomas certified by their Ministry of Education or by Polish embassy.

In addition, diploma should have a confirmation from Polish embassy about the student’s ability to study in Universities in his country. 

If you wish to study in English, you will also need to show that you have the English language skills necessary to take an active part in the programme.

·                     Students transferring from other universities

Admission to ICE CUT depends on students’ existing academic records. Each applicant is assessed individually.

·                     Graduate students

Admission depends on students’ previous academic records. Each applicant is assessed individually.


Arranging Accommodation

If you require accommodation, please fill in the relevant section in the application form. We recommend that you reserve accommodation early, as this service is very popular. If you apply late, we may not be able to meet your requirements.



One of the biggest concerns for all students is, of course, finances. You will probably have lots of questions about how you will fund yourself, what the tuition fees and living expenses are and whether or not you can work in Poland. Following information aims to answer your queries, but should there be anything you would like help or advice with, then please contact the International Foundation office, E-mail: mck@pk.edu.pl.


How much are course fees?




Preparatory Programme for undergraduate studies

3000 € / 1 year

(2 semesters = 30 weeks)

Preparatory Programme for postgraduate studies

3000 € / 1 year  

(2 semesters = 30 weeks)

Preparatory Course for PhD degree

(Iduvidual, tailor-made, in Polish or English)

3,000 € / 1 semester

(15 weeks)

Polish Language Course

1,000 € / 1 semester (15 weeks)

Summer School of Polish Language & Culture

450 € / 3 weeks

To be enrolled in Preparatory Programme you will be required to pay the 200 € Admission Fee.


All students wishing to be considered for admission must meet the entry criteria and follow the application procedures.